Have you made changes to text ads your Google Adwords Campaign yet? If no, time is now!

Things advertiser should know about Expanded text ads:

The major changes advertisers will see with ETAs (Expanded text ads) compared to traditional Google AdWords ads are:

  1. Expanded Text Ads are two times bigger than regular Adword text ads. ETAs are designed to maximize your presence and performance on all the platforms ( Mobile and desktop) the good thing is that even on mobile search results you will get a bigger headline with an extra long description.
  2.  Instead of two 35-character lines you will get one 80-character description line, which will give you more control over your ad’s messaging.
  3. Also ETAs will get you two headlines which are maximum 30 characters each.
  4.  Google made it more easy by providing mobile-optimization,  you no longer have to select the mobile device setting when creating or editing a text ad.
  5. There is something change is display Url’s as well, now advertiser can add display URL with up to two new optional ”Path” fields (using up to 15 characters), In this way make can have better judgement of where the link will route them.

Here is how your ad will show up after the implementation of extended Text Ad:

google expanded text ads


ETAs are available on both Google search network and google display network, Google is giving you 2 times more space with Expanded Text Ads , so optimize  your text ads and rewritten them to take advantage of this Extended text ad format. To take advantage of the updated guidelines contact F12 media. We at F12 media handle all kind of online advertisements and branding. Write us an on info@f12media.com today to setup a free consultation session.

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