SEO or PPC ? There is always an great article like this…

Building traffic is now main competition for any website now-a-days! When thinking about traffic generation power, we can think of only two concept:  PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are few platforms which allow you to pay for your conversion or just say traffic to your website. Major platforms are Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Now decision is yours to choose from. Most recommended platform is Google Adwords as we all know that almost approximately 80% people around the globe use google for as an search engine. Paid ads are shown in google search when relevant keywords and Ad content match. How much impressions of yours depends on the competition and bid you do per click. But then again you always pay for a click.

Ranking high in organic search which is unpaid is always the best options as it is free. But that is part of SEO. You need to follow best practices for optimization of website to rank high in local area or at global level. It takes time to rank high, lot of effort, but SEO is worth the time and budget you invest for doing so. We always consider PPC as an temporary option when you just launch your website. Selecting best approach between two always depends on how much you would like to spend, how fast you would like your result. Investing on both the side is always beneficial. Not all the start-up have this budget and this is always a question which clients ask us when they start their website. But again as noted above we believe in investing time and money on SEO which gives 100% result after few months.

Consider following questions while deciding what would be best:

  1. Budget allocated for advertising?

In case of PPC, it depends on what product or service you offer and how much people in your area are paying for same services. Most clients usually start with $6-$12/day budget. No budget for PPC advertising? Not a big deal, work on SEO which is always free. But if you have even a little capital to invest in PPC advertising, consider giving it a try because it offers a number of benefits, including testing. When thinking about competition, their are always many developed business who pay really lot more for clicks. So in that concern PPC is not beneficial at some point to start-ups. Again, that needs research based on specific keywords.

ppc advertising

  1. Competition level in Organic Search?

You can always type your focused keywords relevant to your business and see who are your competitors. Many tools even tell you estimated competition level, as well as the number of advertisers bidding on your keywords and the average CPCs.

Now that you thought about both points you know exactly who are your competitors. Are they giant companies? If yes, then big times its impossible to compete with this giant companies because of their traffic. Daily traffic is also the part of ranking factor. So at this point its always one way to start which is PPC.


But its not necessary to go with single approach. It will always benefit if you invest in both SEO and PPC at a time.

Both approach requires technical knowledge. If you are looking for professional who can handle this you are at right spot. We are F12 Media Technologies and we do handle all kind of online advertisement and branding. Shoot us an email to setup free consultation. We won’t charge for consultation. Contact us Now!