UI+UX Design

User Centered Design is not a step by step magic methodology. It is closer to philosophy or way of looking at the world. It is about genuinely wanting to create something that can be used by the real audience and about remembering that the system is not for the team creating it.

User Centered Design involves three key aspects:

  • Learning about human abilities and limitations
  • Designing for a particular group of people
  • Working with these people throughout the design process


Our UX design team will works with client to understand and learn the needs and wants of the user groups and create work flows that addresses all their requirements and expectations from application. The scope of the project include UX Design and development for the client. Based on the requirements from client, we typicallty follow these activities to execute the project.


Requirement Analysis & Interaction Design:

  • Requirements understanding and Use-case analysis
  • Web portal architecture and task flows
  • Wireframes & Interaction design

Visual Design & Resources:

  • Visual Design options
  • Generation of visual design resources
  • Create hi-fidelity prototypes